The Answers and Solutions are Within You

Why are we so conditioned to looking outside of ourselves for answers and solutions that pertain to our lives? Rather than search within oneself, it seems easier visiting a Psychic and having her read our palm in the hope she will “see” something that will offer us some clarity. If that doesn’t satisfy us, we consult with friends and family in an effort to find out what THEY would do in OUR situation or hope that they will at least validate what we KNOW we should do.

All the answers we will ever need pertaining to our lives can be found within. The interesting thing is that we usually know what to do in most instances but often times pretend not to and opt instead to seek external sources to validate our truth. The truth resides deep down in our hearts but our fears and doubts talk us out of trusting our inner guidance and influence our actions and decisions.

We all have an internal guide within us that has all the answers and solutions we need to make decisions and determine if something is right or good for us. We have a direct channel to GOD; he communicates to us through our intuition, commonly referred to us the small still voice or inner knowing that permeates our spirit. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives and often wondered how we knew certain things or what to do in a crisis.

God uses our intuition to communicate to us, guide us, support us and warn us. He has our best interests at heart and would never mislead us. We can rely on and trust our intuition to lead us in the right direction and warn us when we aren’t in alignment with what is best for us. We often write off this still small voice or ignore it because it sometimes doesn’t make logical sense or goes against what we would normally do or is expected of us.

Following our intuition often requires us to relinquish control and surrender to the divine, something most of us struggle with. We like to know the facts and control our lives and determine our choices. We have to accept that we sometimes don’t know what is best for us and have to rely on a higher power to reveal this to us. The more we write off our inner guidance, the harder of a time we will have trusting it.

When we intentionally choose to go against our intuition and “better judgment”, we always pay the price. We have all experienced moments when we have received inner guidance regarding a person or situation and failed to follow it, only to later regret not doing so.

Our intuition makes itself known in many different ways. It could be that nagging feeling that gnaws at us and refuses to go away. It could be that uneasy feeling we experience when we encounter people or circumstances that aren’t right for us. At times, it’s the instant knowing and sense of peace that overcomes us when we are in alignment with things that are right for us or an idea that pops up out of nowhere to clue you in on what steps and direction to take.

If you find yourself feeling confused, lacking clarity and in need of some direction; silence everything else around you and ask your inner guide to provide you with the answer or solution you seek, then let go and allow yourself to receive the answer through whatever avenue it will be provided to you. Trust me, an answer will always present itself.

© Yvonne Kariba and, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Yvonne Kariba and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

3 thoughts on “The Answers and Solutions are Within You

  1. Magda March 11, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    This is beautiful Yvonne. It took me sometime to believe that my intuit leads me to some answer am looking for. Once I got that, I realized that the answer was within me all the time!!


  2. Rinya March 12, 2015 / 4:25 am

    Great article Yvonne! This reminds me of my favourite quote, ”Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how l react to it”.


    • Yvonne Kariba March 12, 2015 / 10:24 am

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, Rinya. I like to use my intuition too to solve problems and every time I need guidance, it never fails me.


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