The Truth You Know Will Set You Free!!!

It always baffles me when someone says, “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” Not only can lack of knowledge hurt you, it can kill you. In fact, God stated to the Prophet Hosea, during biblical times; that the reason his People were perishing was because they lacked knowledge.

It is said that the truth you KNOW will set you free; yet most People are so afraid of learning and embracing the truth and facts, information and knowledge that point to it. Knowledge and truth are empowering and liberating and allow you to have control over your life, determine its course and what’s best for you as well as make informed decisions.

Do you make it a habit of avoiding the truth because you don’t think you can handle it or don’t want to make the necessary changes or take actions it might require of you?

Scenario: You suspect that your Significant Other has been unfaithful to you and have enough evidence to prove so yet choose to ignore the truth and decide not to confront him/her because you are fearful they will admit to it and you will be forced to make the tough decision of staying in or leaving the relationship.

You might have a myriad of reasons for not confronting them which might range from not wanting to accept the fact that your relationship is broken to not believing you can handle a break up or meet someone else who will honor you eventually. Whatever your reason for ignoring the truth; you make yourself a prisoner of circumstances when you hand power over to someone else and let them determine your fate rather than making the choice yourself.

It’s amazing how many People are afraid of visiting a Doctor when they suspect their health isn’t up to par because they are afraid of what they will hear; so rather than risk receiving a negative diagnosis, they choose to ignore the issue altogether and allow it to fester as though doing so allows them to control their own mortality and sometimes fail to realize that prevention is better than cure.

Learning the truth, no matter how unfavorable it might seem at times, is often a blessing in disguise as it protects us, serves us as well as empowers us. Always know that you are strong enough to handle the truth and the more you open yourself up to embracing it; the more authentically you will be able to live your life as well as trust yourself to make decisions that are best for you.

People who struggle with embracing the truth often aren’t truthful with themselves or others; how can they be, when they are so closed off to it and everything is represents? They always feel the need to embellish things, distort information, exaggerate matters and have mastered the art of telling white little lies because they need to present things to be other than what they really are because they don’t think others can handle the truth or will judge them as a result of learning the truth.

What areas do you find yourself struggling with being truthful about? What truths do you have a difficult time embracing?

Honor yourself and others by being truthful and believing in your and their ability to be able to deal with it. Truth builds trust, makes you a person of integrity and someone people can always count on to be honest with them even in matters that aren’t pleasant or that they can’t be honest to themselves about.


2 thoughts on “The Truth You Know Will Set You Free!!!

  1. Magda May 17, 2015 / 12:12 pm

    However bitter the truth might be, let me have it any time. I can easily handle the truth than a lie.
    Well said Yvonne.


    • Yvonne Kariba May 17, 2015 / 9:42 pm

      Faithful are the wounds from a friend but the kisses from an enemy a deceitful. Someone who cares about you will always tell you the truth, no matter how bitter it might at times be to swallow.


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