Having A Successful Mindest

The great men in history talked extensively about the mind’s role in determining and influencing one’s successes.

James Allen pointed this out in his classic book; as a man thinketh, so is he, Henry Ford clued us in on the mind’s power when he coined his most famous quote “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” Norman Vincent Peale wrote about this phenomenon in his best-selling book; The Power of Positive Thinking while David Schwartz delivered a similar message in his popular self-help book; The Magic of Thinking Big.

mindsetThese men not only addressed the power of the mind but stressed the importance of having a successful mindset if we are to accomplish our goals and achieve our dreams. Everyone who has ever accomplished anything great will tell you that they managed to do so because they believed that they could. They never entertained the option of failure but were instead determined to win and succeed and as a result of their successful mindset, were victorious in their pursuits.

Theodore Roosevelt aptly stated, “Believe that you can and you are halfway there.” A successful mindset is synonymous with a winner’s mindset. Winners win because they have conditioned their minds to anticipate and expect victory. Many athletes have confessed to playing and winning competitions, games or matches in their minds long before translating those thoughts into victories on the fields or arenas. They are able to give the performance of winners because they see themselves as winners in their minds first.

Belief is integral in developing and possessing a successful mindset. Anything is possible to him that believes all things are possible. Successful people are able to make things happen because they believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals and dreams, believe they can accomplish anything they set out to do and don’t allow anyone to convince them otherwise.

People who possess a successful mindset also believe in the possibility of their dreams; to them the sky is the limit and nothing is impossible. They embrace all challenges and obstacles they encounter on their journey towards their dreams, don’t accept no for an answer and never take their eyes off the prize; they are determined to win and succeed.

How to develop a successful mindset

Although self-help books advising us how to achieve success and control our minds line the shelves in our book stores and libraries; a majority of us struggle with achieving the latter because we are so conditioned to allowing our thoughts to run amok, operate on auto-pilot and don’t understand the power and ability we have to control and shape our thoughts.

The law of attraction, popularized a few years back by Rhonda Byrne in her movie The Secret clearly pointed this out when it addressed the fact that thoughts become things. Whatever a man conceives, he can achieve. The thoughts we hold in our minds are responsible for our successes and failures as well as our fortunes and misfortunes.

In order for us to change our mindset into one of success, we must first change the way we view ourselves as well as the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. Most of us struggle with accepting the fact that we are the creators and authors of our lives and design our lives everyday by virtue of the thoughts we allow to take root in our minds and what we believe to be true of ourselves.

We can develop a successful mindset by embracing the following qualities and traits:

Confidence – Believe in yourself!

People who are confident in themselves don’t struggle with embracing and believing in their abilities, they know that they have it within them the ability to make things happen and as a result are able to achieve success because they already possess a successful mindset.

Worthiness – Know that you are worthy of your dreams!

People who know their worth believe they deserve and are worthy of the best and therefore don’t allow themselves to settle for less. Winning in life entails success; you can’t win if you don’t think you are worthy of the things, accolades and recognition success will afford you.

Positive Attitude – Attitude is everything; strive to have a positive one!

It has been said that if you think big, believe big and act big; the results will be big. Having a successful mindset requires that one have a positive attitude as it often serves as the catalyst that propels one to take action, remain hopeful when one encounters challenges and stay motivated in ones pursuits. Repeating positive mantras and affirmations is a wonderful way to keep your spirits uplifted and outlook positive.

Enough has been said about the importance of having a successful mindset; the wonderful thing is that is it something we can all develop in the pursuit of our goals and dreams and use to ensure success and victory along the way!


One thought on “Having A Successful Mindest

  1. Magda August 19, 2015 / 1:51 pm

    Some people even before they attempt doing something, start by saying “I can’t”. That puts me off completely. I believe it is good to try and fail than say, I can’t without attempting to take a single step. This is good Yvonne.


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