It All Starts and Ends with You!!!

dream-840219_1280We are all guilty of it to some degree; waiting for conditions to become favorable or for people to give us permission to do the things we want to do or know we should do. Deep down we know that we are settling for less, setting ourselves up for failure and missing out on many wonderful opportunities yet find ourselves making excuse upon excuse, time and time again why we can’t make things happen in our lives or commit to making the necessary changes required of us.

We wait for the stars to correctly align, for the right moment to present itself or for others to give us the go ahead and determine our decisions only to sometimes have life force our hand into making the very decision we should have made in the first place at the discovery of our discomfort or dissatisfaction and the realization that we are capable of and deserve so much more.

We settle into our unfulfilling jobs and lives all the while complaining about them; fail to chase after our dreams because we don’t really think we have what it takes to bring them to pass or doubt that our passions and calling are important or good enough to sustain us. We disservice ourselves when we instead choose to file them away altogether and in turn put up with things we don’t desire because they offer us a comfort zone and safety net that doesn’t pose any threat to us and provides us some level of familiarity and predictability.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of life that at times has us operating on autopilot and with little time to sit back and truly reflect on our lives and question whether where we currently are is really where we want to be. Do you feel like you are thriving in your life or just existing and surviving? Is the life you are currently living one that you always envisioned for yourself?

I guess fear is the underlying reason we continue to put up with dissatisfaction and keep making all the lame excuses we have unfortunately come to believe. We are most likely unafraid of the unknown, afraid of that we will fail, afraid that all those people who told us we wouldn’t make it are right, afraid that we don’t have what it takes to make things happen or that we can’t have the things we desire. And so, we settle and embrace lives that aren’t worthy of us and don’t allow us to live authentically, all the while knowing that there must be more to life.

Realize today that conditions will never be perfect for you to finally start living the life you have always envisioned or for you to pursue your dreams. Life is ever evolving, unpredictable and will always present various challenges and obstacles you will have to face and embrace. Don’t sit around waiting for things to miraculously change on their own or for the time to be right; make it right yourself by starting where you are and working with what you have. As you step out in faith and prove that you are worth your dreams, life will accommodate you by opening up opportunities to you that are favorable to and for your pursuits.

The only person standing between you and the life you desire is you. All this time you have been waiting for life to give you permission to start living; life has also been waiting on you to finally embrace it and allow yourself to dare to dream. We really are the authors of our lives and are responsible for creating the lives we desire. The pen is in your hand; you have the power to write and re-write your story and can give it whatever ending you choose with the choices you decide to make and the actions you decide to take….it all starts and ends with you!!!


3 thoughts on “It All Starts and Ends with You!!!

  1. Magda September 22, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    Good job Yvonne. It all starts and ends with you has encouraged my drive, it’s about I, me and myself!!


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