Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

challengeLife is extremely unpredictable and has a way of throwing us curve balls, shaking and changing things up, and forcing us to embrace the uncertain. Sometimes it seems like just when we’re starting to get comfortable in life, something comes along to disturb and disrupt the flow thereby forcing us to embrace change and re-examine our lives.

The familiar is always comfortable because it’s predictable, doesn’t require more of us than we are sometimes willing to give and doesn’t challenge us to push past our comfort zone or make changes. The dangerous thing about the familiar though, is that it stunts our growth and progress in life. Growth can only happen when we are at our most uncomfortable and willing to to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Doing the same thing over and over again produces the same results and can sometimes keeps us stuck. We will never know what we are capable of and really made of until we are open to the fact that where we sometimes are in life isn’t where we need to be and that the only way we can get to where we want to be is by letting go of the familiar and allowing ourselves to experience some discomfort, if only for a little while.

Diamonds are highly valued and are said to be a girl’s best friend; what most people don’t know is that diamonds are formed as a result of high pressure and high temperature, are formed 100 miles below ground and are carried to the earth’s surface by deep volcanic eruptions. We definitely appreciate their beauty while failing to realize the “uncomfortable” process they endure to become what they are.

In order for us to reach our true potential and become the best we can be; life requires us to undergo some pressure and experience some heat of our own. We will never become what we were meant to be if we aren’t willing to let go of what we have become accustomed to and embrace opportunities that allow us to stretch and push past our own barriers, fears and limiting beliefs.

As difficult as it is to embrace the uncertain and unknown, we have to allow ourselves to trust the process and understand that it is for our benefit and make ourselves open to all the possibilities life has to present. We are often very limited in our beliefs and what we think is possible for us that we sometimes allow ourselves to settle where we are while failing to realize that life wants to take us farther and give us more than we often want or believe possible for ourselves.

We need to start viewing challenges, setbacks and changes as opportunities to become better versions of ourselves and treat them as stepping stones to get us to where need to be.


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