Mind Your Own Business!

MYOB-CookieNo, you did not! Did you just tell me to mind my own business? Ummmm, yeah, I actually just did!

If you are anything like me you probably grew up believing the above statement was rude and felt extremely offended whenever anyone asked you to mind your own business and more so, chastised if an adult told you to do so. There’s just something slightly off putting about the statement that puts most people on the defensive and has the potential to start World War III.

Age definitely brings with it wisdom and the ability to view things from a different perspective. Now that I am older and should I say, wiser, I don’t see anything wrong with the statement at all and instead view it as a reminder to pay heed to my life and its happenings and less to that of others’.

It is easy to get caught up in other people’s lives and their business that we become detached from our own. Whether it’s helping others try to figure out their lives or get themselves together; making other people’s issues our own sometimes draws our attention away from our lives and the things we sometimes need to focus on within ourselves.

Our over-involvement in other people’s lives stunts their personal growth because in choosing to constantly meddle in their lives and try to “rescue” them from whatever issues they face, we unknowingly deny them the opportunity to stand on their own two feet, figure things out for themselves or become their own person.

I am not asking you to become selfish and turn a blind eye to others but rather, I am trying to encourage you to devote more time to focusing on your own life and everything you need to do to improve it while extending to others the same courtesy, and allowing them to focus on theirs. We need to believe that they too possess the ability to determine out what is best for them and how to attract it into their lives.

As much as we may think we know what is best for others and feel it is our responsibility to help them “see the light”, we really have no business making other people’s lives our business because by doing so we become enablers, interfere with their life’s path and eventually end up becoming detrimental to them because we rob them of the opportunity to discover themselves, self-evaluate, or make necessary changes.

As long as the people in our lives know that they can always rely on us to do for them what they should be doing for themselves, they will never learn how to make the business of minding their own business a priority.


In line with minding our own business, we also need to learn how to be firm in our convictions, be comfortable making our own decisions and not allow others to determine or influence the choices we make or how we choose to live our lives. Setting healthy boundaries that allow people to know what areas of our lives not to cross into ensures that we always remain in charge of our lives and that our business stays our business.


One thought on “Mind Your Own Business!

  1. Magda April 30, 2016 / 9:52 pm

    OMG it’s like this article is pointed directly to me!! I get it. Honestly, I find myself meddling into other people’s business more than I should. I will take heed my dear. Thanks for reminding us of this weakness.


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