10 Ways To Conquer Challenges

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10 Things Happy People Never Do

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Happiness is one of the key ingredients to having and enjoying a great life. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining our own happiness. Please check out my latest article; 10 Things Happy People Never Do featured on Every Day Power Blog. I hope the article resonates with you all.

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Mind Your Own Business!

MYOB-CookieNo, you did not! Did you just tell me to mind my own business? Ummmm, yeah, I actually just did!

If you are anything like me you probably grew up believing the above statement was rude and felt extremely offended whenever anyone asked you to mind your own business and more so, chastised if an adult told you to do so. There’s just something slightly off putting about the statement that puts most people on the defensive and has the potential to start World War III.

Age definitely brings with it wisdom and the ability to view things from a different perspective. Now that I am older and should I say, wiser, I don’t see anything wrong with the statement at all and instead view it as a reminder to pay heed to my life and its happenings and less to that of others’.

It is easy to get caught up in other people’s lives and their business that we become detached from our own. Whether it’s helping others try to figure out their lives or get themselves together; making other people’s issues our own sometimes draws our attention away from our lives and the things we sometimes need to focus on within ourselves.

Our over-involvement in other people’s lives stunts their personal growth because in choosing to constantly meddle in their lives and try to “rescue” them from whatever issues they face, we unknowingly deny them the opportunity to stand on their own two feet, figure things out for themselves or become their own person.

I am not asking you to become selfish and turn a blind eye to others but rather, I am trying to encourage you to devote more time to focusing on your own life and everything you need to do to improve it while extending to others the same courtesy, and allowing them to focus on theirs. We need to believe that they too possess the ability to determine out what is best for them and how to attract it into their lives.

As much as we may think we know what is best for others and feel it is our responsibility to help them “see the light”, we really have no business making other people’s lives our business because by doing so we become enablers, interfere with their life’s path and eventually end up becoming detrimental to them because we rob them of the opportunity to discover themselves, self-evaluate, or make necessary changes.

As long as the people in our lives know that they can always rely on us to do for them what they should be doing for themselves, they will never learn how to make the business of minding their own business a priority.


In line with minding our own business, we also need to learn how to be firm in our convictions, be comfortable making our own decisions and not allow others to determine or influence the choices we make or how we choose to live our lives. Setting healthy boundaries that allow people to know what areas of our lives not to cross into ensures that we always remain in charge of our lives and that our business stays our business.

The Tricky Thing Called Time


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock! Goes the damn clock! It’s amazing how fast the year is already zooming by. Like most people I feel like time is quickly getting away from me and imagine the alarm is going ready to go off any minute now. I can’t get over the fact that we are nearly mid-April; it feels like we just ushered in the year.

Since becoming a parent I have quickly discovered that I no longer “technically” have 24 hours in my day as a majority of my time is now dedicated to my son, as it should be. It just seems like there’s so much to attend to leaving me with very little time for myself and to dedicate to some of my pursuits. I am guilty of at times putting things on the back burner with the hope of revisiting them at a later time only to have other things “come up” and “steal” my time.

I will be the first to admit that although I am a great time manager I don’t always utilize my time wisely and sometimes allow myself to get distracted by things that don’t add any value to my life or take up time that could have been better directed towards more important things. In spite of some of my poor choices, it never ceases to amaze me that time continues to lapse and doesn’t stop for even a second to allow me to catch up or make up for what I believe to have lost. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

A majority of us spend more than a 1/3 of our day at work and commuting to and from work, another 1/3 sleeping and the remaining hours running errands, catching up with friends, spending time with family, preparing meals, attending to household obligations, prepping for the following day and so on. Although we are constantly in motion and in the act of doing, few of us ever devote enough time to doing the things we need to do for ourselves and that would most benefit us.

We have become so accustomed to operating on autopilot and following our day to day routines that we sometimes struggle with knowing what to do with ourselves when our time frees up and as a result end up not really making the most of it or doing anything productive at all. Do you ever find yourself needing a vacation after having just returned from vacation or completely exhausted after an extended weekend? It seems like we our bodies don’t know how to rest although rest is what we require to recharge our batteries and rejuvenate.

Do you often find yourself constantly needing to do something or feel guilty when you find yourself with “extra” time on your hands? The fast pace in which life and the world operates on indirectly contributes to our go-go mentality that is sometimes responsible for our inability to slow down and attend to our well-being or dedicate time to activities that promote self-care or that allow us to explore our interests and exploit our talents.

Hobbies, talent-related interests and extra-curricular activities are sometimes frowned upon and viewed as tremendous time wasters despite the fact that they allow us to get in touch with our creative sides and express ourselves, offer us downtime and at times stress relief while promoting self-fulfillment and actualization. We have absolutely no problem dedicating ourselves to our jobs although we often don’t even enjoy them but struggle with making time for things that fulfill us, promote & nurture our well-being or allow us to discover our abilities.

Life can become overwhelming and escape from us if we aren’t careful and don’t take the time to discover our purpose and pursue the things that align with it. As long as we are consumed with just getting through each day and the drudgery it brings with it, we will come up short when it’s all said and done and discover that we gave our most valuable commodity; time to things that really didn’t fulfill us while overlooking those that might have made the most difference in our lives.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock! Goes the damn clock!

4 Things You Need To Say Goodbye To If You Want To Move On With Your Life And Become A Better Person

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Why Can’t Every Day Be Friday?

FridayThank God it’s Friday! There’s just something very special about Fridays. I always notice that I have an extra pep in my step on the aforementioned day and have to admit that it would require something astronomical to ruin my mood on Fridays. The sun just seems to shine brighter on Fridays and things that much easier to deal with. Fridays are always exciting because they usher in the weekend, are the end of the work week for many as well as one of the most anticipated days of all; Pay Day!

I sometimes wonder what life would really be like if every day were Friday. I guess the reason most of us consider Friday our favorite day is because it symbolizes freedom to us. We love knowing that we can kick back and put our feet up for the next two days and not have to worry about the drudgery demands our jobs impose on us. Being able to break free from the usual five-day work schedule and routine is something most people really look forward to.

A majority of us aren’t living the lives we envisioned for ourselves and feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled as a result. We greatly anticipate the weekend because it provides us with a much needed escape and the opportunity to “reclaim our lives” and determine what to do with our time. What we often fail to realize is that life wasn’t designed to be lived in such a manner but rather purposefully, passionately and with excitement for each new day.

Eric Thomas; founder of TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) played a huge role in changing my perspective regarding Monday. When we live authentic lives and allow ourselves to embrace our calling and purpose in life; life becomes that much richer, exciting and fulfilling and every day, something to look forward to; even Monday. When we are excited about and love what we do, we are eager to get the week started so that we can get back to our passion and continue making a difference through our purpose.

Although many of us haven’t discovered what our calling is; we were all created with a purpose and have something to contribute towards life. It’s difficult for most of us to imagine that we can make a difference in the grand scheme of things and therefore we unconsciously resign ourselves to lives that allow us to just get by while operating on autopilot without much consideration that there must be more to our lives than we have allowed ourselves to embrace.

Allow yourself to imagine for just a second what your life would be like if you allowed yourself to do what you desire most to do. What would your day to day routine entail? How would you feel about your life and yourself? What do you love doing that you believe you could spend your entire life doing even if you wouldn’t be paid to do it? Our passions often define our purpose and, our purpose comes with provision. Life will support and accommodate everything you were born to do if you allow yourself to fearlessly embrace your assignment. Where there’s will, there’s a way!

Just like with everything in life, creating the life you envision for yourself requires effort and due diligence on your part. You have to be willing to work with what you have and start where you are. Most success stories have a humble beginning and weren’t achieved overnight but rather over time. Do whatever you can today to move you one step closer to where you want to get, no action is too trivial. As long as you make a commitment to stay true to your path; you’ll find yourself where you were meant to be someday and once there; discover that time freedom isn’t an illusion and that every single day thereafter, can feel like Friday after all.


Make Ever Year Your Best Year Ever!

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There’s Something To Be Gained From Losing

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The Unseen Dangers of Backup Plans

The unpredictable and ever changing nature of life requires that we be prepared for anything and everything life throws our way, and for us to have plans in place that help safeguard our well-being. Plans give us direction, offer us stability and ensure that we don’t get caught off guard or derailed when things don’t pan out as anticipated. Contingency plans, emergency plans, retirement plans, savings plans, insurance plans and some backup plans serve this very purpose.

A backup plan is a person, plan, device, etc. that is kept in reserve to serve as a substitute, if needed. Backup plans are often our last resort and what we fall back on when our main plan doesn’t work or falls through. The problem with back up plans is that they often aren’t our best option since they aren’t our first or most favorable choice, but rather something we force ourselves to make do with in the meantime or when all else fails.

When it comes to the pursuit of our goals and dreams, our backup plans sometimes work against us because they derail us and at times end up becoming our main plan if we aren’t careful. Because backup plans offer us security and a safety net, they often set us up for failure because they take and use up the time, energy and resources that could have been directed to our main plan thus causing us to neglect the latter.

As long as we know we have something to fall back on, we often don’t pursue our goals and dreams with the zeal and sense of urgency that they require and often push them to the back burner as things to attend to or re-visit someday when we are ready or better equipped. Our backup plans keep us stuck and stunt our progress in life because they don’t inspire, motivate or challenge us to push ourselves but rather, serve as crutches that allow us to survive as opposed to thrive.

We shouldn’t rely on our backup plans to provide us with security but should instead use them as a catalyst that helps propel us to where we want to go. Our backup plans shouldn’t provide us with enough satisfaction that we allow ourselves to become complacent and content with our lives as they are but should instead challenge us to push past the barriers and limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our full potential.

The danger of backup plans is that they allow us to have an “option for failure”, if you will that isn’t favorable when it comes to our pursuits thereby preventing us from sometimes giving them our all. Focusing on one thing and giving it the attention, commitment and focus it deserves often results in its success thereby not requiring us to have a backup plan.

Make a commitment today to make your goal or dream your main plan and give it everything you’ve got. Don’t get sidetracked by your backup plan or allow yourself to consider it as an option. Keep pushing until you succeed and only allow yourself to consider other options after you have exhausted your main plan, gone back to the drawing table several times, tried different approaches and have made peace with the fact that it might not be your best option.



Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

challengeLife is extremely unpredictable and has a way of throwing us curve balls, shaking and changing things up, and forcing us to embrace the uncertain. Sometimes it seems like just when we’re starting to get comfortable in life, something comes along to disturb and disrupt the flow thereby forcing us to embrace change and re-examine our lives.

The familiar is always comfortable because it’s predictable, doesn’t require more of us than we are sometimes willing to give and doesn’t challenge us to push past our comfort zone or make changes. The dangerous thing about the familiar though, is that it stunts our growth and progress in life. Growth can only happen when we are at our most uncomfortable and willing to to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Doing the same thing over and over again produces the same results and can sometimes keeps us stuck. We will never know what we are capable of and really made of until we are open to the fact that where we sometimes are in life isn’t where we need to be and that the only way we can get to where we want to be is by letting go of the familiar and allowing ourselves to experience some discomfort, if only for a little while.

Diamonds are highly valued and are said to be a girl’s best friend; what most people don’t know is that diamonds are formed as a result of high pressure and high temperature, are formed 100 miles below ground and are carried to the earth’s surface by deep volcanic eruptions. We definitely appreciate their beauty while failing to realize the “uncomfortable” process they endure to become what they are.

In order for us to reach our true potential and become the best we can be; life requires us to undergo some pressure and experience some heat of our own. We will never become what we were meant to be if we aren’t willing to let go of what we have become accustomed to and embrace opportunities that allow us to stretch and push past our own barriers, fears and limiting beliefs.

As difficult as it is to embrace the uncertain and unknown, we have to allow ourselves to trust the process and understand that it is for our benefit and make ourselves open to all the possibilities life has to present. We are often very limited in our beliefs and what we think is possible for us that we sometimes allow ourselves to settle where we are while failing to realize that life wants to take us farther and give us more than we often want or believe possible for ourselves.

We need to start viewing challenges, setbacks and changes as opportunities to become better versions of ourselves and treat them as stepping stones to get us to where need to be.