Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions!!!

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What Blogging on HuffPost Taught Me Regarding Goals and Dreams

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What Blogging on HuffPost Taught Me Regarding Goals and Dreams

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The One Thing Holding You Back From Finding Your Soulmate

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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that I will begin covering health and relationship issues on my blog in addition to the motivational and inspirational articles I normally write. Personal development encompasses health and love as well and not just self-improvement. I believe we can all benefit from taking charge of all areas in our lives and making the necessary adjustments.

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The One Thing Holding You Back From Finding Your Soulmate

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6 Quotes To Remember On Your Journey Towards Your Goals & Dreams

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I hope you are all doing well and continuing to live purposefully. Life is truly a blessing, let us make the most of it so that we can look back at it when it’s said and done and be able to say that we did the most and best with what we had.

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6 Quotes To Remember On Your Journey Towards Your Goals & Dream


5 Songs To Keep You Supercharged & Focused On Your Journey Towards Your Dreams

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I hope that you are all doing great and enjoying life. It truly is a gift and blessing to be alive.

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5 Songs To Keep You Supercharged & Focused On Your Journey Towards Your Dreams

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It All Starts and Ends with You!!!

dream-840219_1280We are all guilty of it to some degree; waiting for conditions to become favorable or for people to give us permission to do the things we want to do or know we should do. Deep down we know that we are settling for less, setting ourselves up for failure and missing out on many wonderful opportunities yet find ourselves making excuse upon excuse, time and time again why we can’t make things happen in our lives or commit to making the necessary changes required of us.

We wait for the stars to correctly align, for the right moment to present itself or for others to give us the go ahead and determine our decisions only to sometimes have life force our hand into making the very decision we should have made in the first place at the discovery of our discomfort or dissatisfaction and the realization that we are capable of and deserve so much more.

We settle into our unfulfilling jobs and lives all the while complaining about them; fail to chase after our dreams because we don’t really think we have what it takes to bring them to pass or doubt that our passions and calling are important or good enough to sustain us. We disservice ourselves when we instead choose to file them away altogether and in turn put up with things we don’t desire because they offer us a comfort zone and safety net that doesn’t pose any threat to us and provides us some level of familiarity and predictability.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of life that at times has us operating on autopilot and with little time to sit back and truly reflect on our lives and question whether where we currently are is really where we want to be. Do you feel like you are thriving in your life or just existing and surviving? Is the life you are currently living one that you always envisioned for yourself?

I guess fear is the underlying reason we continue to put up with dissatisfaction and keep making all the lame excuses we have unfortunately come to believe. We are most likely unafraid of the unknown, afraid of that we will fail, afraid that all those people who told us we wouldn’t make it are right, afraid that we don’t have what it takes to make things happen or that we can’t have the things we desire. And so, we settle and embrace lives that aren’t worthy of us and don’t allow us to live authentically, all the while knowing that there must be more to life.

Realize today that conditions will never be perfect for you to finally start living the life you have always envisioned or for you to pursue your dreams. Life is ever evolving, unpredictable and will always present various challenges and obstacles you will have to face and embrace. Don’t sit around waiting for things to miraculously change on their own or for the time to be right; make it right yourself by starting where you are and working with what you have. As you step out in faith and prove that you are worth your dreams, life will accommodate you by opening up opportunities to you that are favorable to and for your pursuits.

The only person standing between you and the life you desire is you. All this time you have been waiting for life to give you permission to start living; life has also been waiting on you to finally embrace it and allow yourself to dare to dream. We really are the authors of our lives and are responsible for creating the lives we desire. The pen is in your hand; you have the power to write and re-write your story and can give it whatever ending you choose with the choices you decide to make and the actions you decide to take….it all starts and ends with you!!!

Life Lessons To Embrace On Your Journey


  • I truly believe that life is a school and that we all have something valuable to learn from it as well as the people we encounter along our journey. Life offers us various lessons through our experiences and the mistakes and observations we make and will keep repeating those lessons until we have fully grasped them, benefited from them and are ready to move on to the next stage.
  • Never underestimate or dismiss others with the thought that they don’t have anything valuable to offer or to contribute from which you can benefit or learn from. I believe the people we drew into our lives are there to serve a purpose and that we are different and have varying personalities, abilities, talents and insights for that very reason; learn to be open-minded and embrace what others have to offer you.
  • We are all on separate journeys and have different assignments and lessons to learn that serve a purpose in our lives, and are instrumental in our growth as individuals. It is futile to compare your life to that of others, try to be like others or get caught up with other people’s lives as you really don’t know their story or what their journey is about. We can experience more happiness by making peace with the fact that who we are is who we were created to be and that our life has purpose even if we aren’t certain what that purpose is.
  • Your self-worth isn’t defined by your job, bank account or the kind of house you live in or the type of car you drive. How you perceive yourself will determine how others see and treat you. We do ourselves a great disservice when we focus our attention on seeking other people’s validation and approval and allowing how they perceive us to influence how we define ourselves.
  • Embrace the face that you are unique and weren’t born to fit in but to stand out on your own accord. Be an independent thinker, dance to the beat of your own drum and don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in even if no one else supports your beliefs. It doesn’t matter how the rest of the world sees you; what matters is how you see yourself. If you are okay with being who you are; the world has no choice but to be okay with you as well.
  • Living in the past will hinder you from moving forward in life, rob you of wonderful opportunities and stunt some of your progress along the way if you allow it to. The past is gone; don’t waste your time and energy rehashing it or ruing over it. What once was is no more, and opportunities to do things anew or differently abound and should be taken advantage of if you wish to create a better future for yourself. Avoid beating yourself up and learn how to forgive yourself for past mistakes
  • The day you recognize your worth and realize all the potential that lies within you, is the day that you finally start living your life fearlessly and pursuing your dreams with gusto. There really comes a day when you realize that you have been selling yourself short, have accepted less than you deserve and are worth much more than you have allowed yourself to receive.

Having A Successful Mindest

The great men in history talked extensively about the mind’s role in determining and influencing one’s successes.

James Allen pointed this out in his classic book; as a man thinketh, so is he, Henry Ford clued us in on the mind’s power when he coined his most famous quote “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” Norman Vincent Peale wrote about this phenomenon in his best-selling book; The Power of Positive Thinking while David Schwartz delivered a similar message in his popular self-help book; The Magic of Thinking Big.

mindsetThese men not only addressed the power of the mind but stressed the importance of having a successful mindset if we are to accomplish our goals and achieve our dreams. Everyone who has ever accomplished anything great will tell you that they managed to do so because they believed that they could. They never entertained the option of failure but were instead determined to win and succeed and as a result of their successful mindset, were victorious in their pursuits.

Theodore Roosevelt aptly stated, “Believe that you can and you are halfway there.” A successful mindset is synonymous with a winner’s mindset. Winners win because they have conditioned their minds to anticipate and expect victory. Many athletes have confessed to playing and winning competitions, games or matches in their minds long before translating those thoughts into victories on the fields or arenas. They are able to give the performance of winners because they see themselves as winners in their minds first.

Belief is integral in developing and possessing a successful mindset. Anything is possible to him that believes all things are possible. Successful people are able to make things happen because they believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals and dreams, believe they can accomplish anything they set out to do and don’t allow anyone to convince them otherwise.

People who possess a successful mindset also believe in the possibility of their dreams; to them the sky is the limit and nothing is impossible. They embrace all challenges and obstacles they encounter on their journey towards their dreams, don’t accept no for an answer and never take their eyes off the prize; they are determined to win and succeed.

How to develop a successful mindset

Although self-help books advising us how to achieve success and control our minds line the shelves in our book stores and libraries; a majority of us struggle with achieving the latter because we are so conditioned to allowing our thoughts to run amok, operate on auto-pilot and don’t understand the power and ability we have to control and shape our thoughts.

The law of attraction, popularized a few years back by Rhonda Byrne in her movie The Secret clearly pointed this out when it addressed the fact that thoughts become things. Whatever a man conceives, he can achieve. The thoughts we hold in our minds are responsible for our successes and failures as well as our fortunes and misfortunes.

In order for us to change our mindset into one of success, we must first change the way we view ourselves as well as the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. Most of us struggle with accepting the fact that we are the creators and authors of our lives and design our lives everyday by virtue of the thoughts we allow to take root in our minds and what we believe to be true of ourselves.

We can develop a successful mindset by embracing the following qualities and traits:

Confidence – Believe in yourself!

People who are confident in themselves don’t struggle with embracing and believing in their abilities, they know that they have it within them the ability to make things happen and as a result are able to achieve success because they already possess a successful mindset.

Worthiness – Know that you are worthy of your dreams!

People who know their worth believe they deserve and are worthy of the best and therefore don’t allow themselves to settle for less. Winning in life entails success; you can’t win if you don’t think you are worthy of the things, accolades and recognition success will afford you.

Positive Attitude – Attitude is everything; strive to have a positive one!

It has been said that if you think big, believe big and act big; the results will be big. Having a successful mindset requires that one have a positive attitude as it often serves as the catalyst that propels one to take action, remain hopeful when one encounters challenges and stay motivated in ones pursuits. Repeating positive mantras and affirmations is a wonderful way to keep your spirits uplifted and outlook positive.

Enough has been said about the importance of having a successful mindset; the wonderful thing is that is it something we can all develop in the pursuit of our goals and dreams and use to ensure success and victory along the way!

Take Responsibility for Your Dreams

india-293_1280Although we all have goals we hope to accomplish and dreams we hope to achieve, it sometimes seems like we don’t understand our role and responsibility in making things happen for ourselves. We live in a world where people have become extremely entitled and self-oriented and expect things to always pan out in their favor without them having to pull their fair share of weight.

I assume the instant gratification world we live in and the get rich schemes that abound all around us are partly responsible for contributing to our lazy natures, unrealistic expectations and entitlement spirits. Most people expect the things they desire to be handed to them without much effort on their part or have convinced themselves to believe the lie that promotes over-night success.

Nothing worth having ever comes easily; we have to be willing to put in the due diligence and bear the responsibility of making things happen ourselves. We are the creators of our life and determine our own destiny, self-actualization and self-fulfillment by the actions we take, choices we make and habits we embrace.

We have to stop waiting for people to make things happen for us or to point out and recognize our greatness so that we can feel more comfortable pursuing our dreams. We have to be willing to sail unchartered waters and walk the less traveled road at times as well as bet on ourselves if we are ever bring our dreams to pass no matter how fearful, unqualified or unprepared we might feel.

No one will ever work for you the way you can work for yourself or value your dream in the manner you value it yourself. To some it might just be a pipe dream and for others a means to an end while to you, it is your life, your most prized possession and something you have labored for and sacrificed a great deal to achieve.

I liken dreams to a child; no one can care for your child like you can; not the world’s best nanny or even your own parents. There is an attachment, bond and unconditional love you have with and for your child that no one else can authentically replicate and a place in their heart that no one else can take.

People might be able to facilitate things for you, provide you with the resources you need and even cheer you along the way on your journey but they can’t do everything for you nor should you expect them to. As long as we place our fate in other people’s hands and expect them to determine our successes, we relinquish our control as the masters of our lives and limit ourselves by accepting whatever handouts we receive.


For today, know that you are the captain of your own ship and determine your voyage based on the direction you choose to travel in and towards. Whether your ship stays afloat or sinks depends on your navigation skills, preparedness and ability to steer.

How To Accomplish Anything From A to Z

I hope you are all doing well and carrying on with life. I want to thank you for your continued support and encouraging words, my blog with be nothing without you. I thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my articles. I hope they offer you insight, inspiration and motivate you to pursue your goals and dreams and be the best you can be.

I truly believe that all things are possible and that we can create the lives we desire for ourselves. Believe in yourself, keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

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How To Accomplish Anything from A to Z