Take Responsibility for Your Dreams

india-293_1280Although we all have goals we hope to accomplish and dreams we hope to achieve, it sometimes seems like we don’t understand our role and responsibility in making things happen for ourselves. We live in a world where people have become extremely entitled and self-oriented and expect things to always pan out in their favor without them having to pull their fair share of weight.

I assume the instant gratification world we live in and the get rich schemes that abound all around us are partly responsible for contributing to our lazy natures, unrealistic expectations and entitlement spirits. Most people expect the things they desire to be handed to them without much effort on their part or have convinced themselves to believe the lie that promotes over-night success.

Nothing worth having ever comes easily; we have to be willing to put in the due diligence and bear the responsibility of making things happen ourselves. We are the creators of our life and determine our own destiny, self-actualization and self-fulfillment by the actions we take, choices we make and habits we embrace.

We have to stop waiting for people to make things happen for us or to point out and recognize our greatness so that we can feel more comfortable pursuing our dreams. We have to be willing to sail unchartered waters and walk the less traveled road at times as well as bet on ourselves if we are ever bring our dreams to pass no matter how fearful, unqualified or unprepared we might feel.

No one will ever work for you the way you can work for yourself or value your dream in the manner you value it yourself. To some it might just be a pipe dream and for others a means to an end while to you, it is your life, your most prized possession and something you have labored for and sacrificed a great deal to achieve.

I liken dreams to a child; no one can care for your child like you can; not the world’s best nanny or even your own parents. There is an attachment, bond and unconditional love you have with and for your child that no one else can authentically replicate and a place in their heart that no one else can take.

People might be able to facilitate things for you, provide you with the resources you need and even cheer you along the way on your journey but they can’t do everything for you nor should you expect them to. As long as we place our fate in other people’s hands and expect them to determine our successes, we relinquish our control as the masters of our lives and limit ourselves by accepting whatever handouts we receive.


For today, know that you are the captain of your own ship and determine your voyage based on the direction you choose to travel in and towards. Whether your ship stays afloat or sinks depends on your navigation skills, preparedness and ability to steer.


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